About Us

       We started the Make American Hemp Again movement to raise awareness, education and funds for different nonprofit causes relating to hemp January of 2018. What prompted us to start the MAHA Movement was Jack Herer's book 'The Emperor Wears No Clothes', then later watching a family member battle illness using CBD to help cope with the chemo treatments. The illness was breast cancer which is why we formed our first partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to donate 10% of all sales to them from our first hat style, the black and pink.

       Since then we have expanded to different causes such as; Autism, Addiction, Epilepsy and Veteran Awareness. All illnesses that can be improved by the use of hemp and cannabis as either a replacement or adjunct. Donating 10% of all proceeds back to each respective cause from hat sales. 

       Our primary goals are to help educate people on the cannabis plant, what classifies as hemp. Hemp's history in America, its medicinal properties involving new studies and discoveries. Hemp's vast industrial uses dating back through history especially the foundation of America to new modern age applications. 

       Thank you for supporting our movement. Please help Make American Hemp Again by donating to a cause you support!